Leisure Travel

To inquire about Leisure Travel Planning Services, or to request a KW trip itinerary proposal and more information, please complete and submit the KW Trip Request Form. For generic inquiries for more information outside of a trip requests, please send a detailed brief to concierge.kwtravel@tzell.com.

Corporate Travel

To inquire about Corporate Travel Planning & Management Services, or to request a corporate travel program proposal or retreat planning for your business team, please send a detailed brief of the company’s travel needs to kwtravel@tzell.com.


For collaborations with KW Travel the brand, or inquires to collaborate with the #kwtravelteam for experience scouting, familiarization trips, or events, please send a detailed brief of what you have in mind to kwtravel@tzell.com.


KW Travel consults luxury travel companies looking to enhance their brand presence. To inquire about Marketing Services — including brand deck creation, website optimization, social media management, event planning, and more — or to recieve KW’s media kit with more info, please send a request to kwtravel@tzell.com.